browning b80 serial number dating

Browning B80 Serial Number Dating --

Browning B80 Serial Number Dating

Other markings 2 A 9847Remington FirearmsVisit Remington Society WebsiteFirearm dating information about Remington series firearms and guns provided by the Remington Societyrevolver Coanonymous5 years ago 32 by 20 CVG made in Spain anonymous5 years ago I have an old pistol and want to know how old it is and where it came from? It says sentinel 22 high standards mfgPlease let me know if this helped you find itI know it is at least wwII, because my grampa shipped it home from Germany during the waranonymous5 years ago JJNW: Thanks, any info would be helpful

The website is straight forward and all you have to do is type in the serial number to your gun and BAM you are presented with the date of creation, simple as thatCan you help me? Phyllis16 months ago I want to know the value of my very old Remington 16 gauge shotgunanonymous5 years ago Winchester Model 12 20ga anonymous5 years ago stevens model 416 x barrel ser 207507 anonymous4 years ago Springfield by j Stevens model 94b 12 gauge1058583anonymous4 years ago sks anonymous4 years ago cel-tec anonymous4 years ago colt 38 agent ctg 38504 anonymous4 years ago smith & Wesson 32 seriel # 259974 anonymous4 years ago Walther ModOnce there simply search for the date your firearm was created by typing in the serial number in the boxAt

Serial number #DE136471 Apb23 months ago .Hopkins and Allen arms company serial number e9049 none22 months ago i had a gun but dont no the make off it serial number 112699 Ronald Eurbin22 months ago COOEY 64A SERIAL NUMBER 4106 WOULD LIKE YEAR AND ANY HISTORY Larry20 months ago I have a old 12 ga shotgun with a ring in front of trigger that breaks it down, I cannot find what year it was made,,think its a Baker arms gun, serial number or only number I can find is 13347 its got leader on topof the barrel only name on it anywhere, Wes20 months ago Savage arms, semi-auto three shot 12 gaugeanonymous4 years ago 12 gage 3 inch shell marlin goose gun serial # 16651559 anonymous4 years ago When was my iver Johnson single shot 410 ga made ss# 95744 ? anonymous4 years ago Winchester 30-30 ss# 1624806 anonymous4 years ago Globco silver pigeon anonymous4 years ago when was my rossi 357 made sn F503491 anonymous4 years ago Harrington & Richardsonit is a 410 single shot shotgunthe gun is in excellent conditionThanks anonymous4 years ago can anyone tell me when this gun was made.its a SIG sauer Model P 226 40 caliber serial number u675904Bolt appears to be MauserEnter the serial number (no spaces) of your firearm and click on "Search" to identify your modelCan't find info nowhere

bolt actionBear in mind that is assuming it's the same seriespistol serial number 221505 anonymous4 years ago Dc industries nds 1 folder anonymous4 years ago I have a Savage Arms double barrel shotgun serial # 0025202i need the age and value of the gun.AuthorJoey McClurg5 years ago from Illinoisanonymous: it appears to be a Winchester model 190-290 Through the Winchester link above the closest reference I was able to find appears to be from the model 100 (not 100% sure it's the same series) but with your serial number it returned 1963 as the manufacture datePlease help Otter1783 years ago I know how to date a Browning B80 shotgun, but what I don't know is what the first (3) numbers meanand try to find a picture that is very close to your firearm

1jgray2 years ago Volunteer gun companyAuthorJoey McClurg4 years ago from Illinoisanonymous: The following link was put together by a mod named Pilgrim over at compiling most of not all of the notible information pertaining to when your Smith and Wesson firearm was made, caliber maker yearanonymous4 years ago hawthorne model 110 anonymous4 years ago 16 870 WingMaster anonymous4 years ago m1 garand anonymous4 years ago model 1400 mk2 anonymous4 years ago .22 rifle sportbuchse anonymous4 years ago Sigsauer 226 anonymous4 years ago When was my firarm made l2160099? anonymous4 years ago German Mauser pistol 765 serial 426607 WWl or ll anonymous4 years ago I have a savage 300 99, serial # 722023 I was wondering what year it wasmanufactured? Thank youHave a look at AuthorJoey McClurg4 years ago from Illinoisanonymous: You can find out when your Winchester firearm was manufactured over at AuthorJoey McClurg4 years ago from Illinoisanonymous: You can find out when your Winchester firearm was manufactured over at AuthorJoey McClurg4 years ago from Illinoisanonymous: The year of manufacture should be stamped on the side of the receiveranonymous4 years ago browning 2000 anonymous4 years ago Colt SA #40495, 38 spcl42045/2 what year was it made? 52036820C3 years ago Savage 24V .222 cal/20 gauge with SN 8678641 52036820C3 years ago Savage Model 24V with SN 8678641Thanks Fred Gary2 months ago I'm trying to find out what my Remington 870 12 ga22LRThen use the links on this lense to look up the firearm that your Sears Firearm is most like to find out the year of manufacture 2649f623a1
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